Our history and vision

I’m Phil Howard, father, husband, personal trainer, nutrition consultant, mentor and CEO. I have more than 20 years coaching experience.

I am committed to fully support my clients training and nutrition needs, creating the optimum environment to maximise their fitness and physique goals in the most time efficient manner.

 My clients often excel in their professional careers, they understand the importance of leading healthy, fit and lean lives. Despite sometimes being time poor they take part in regular exercise or are just re-starting after some time away. They have an understanding of training and nutrition (some better than others). They have broad mastery across most aspects of their lives both professional and otherwise, and now find themselves wanting  to take their fitness, physique or physical performance to the next level. My clients are intelligent and switched on, they could spend years learning and experimenting with their training and nutrition in an attempt to carve out the physique they want, but why should they? As in their professional lives they know its best to outsource, find an expert, an experienced consultant to provide a tailored solution, the blueprint, taking the guess work out of reaching and keeping an awesome functional physique for life.

 If you are ready to commit, then so am I.

 I specialise in combining my many years of face to face, real world training experience with an analytical science based approach. Whether you are looking to get lean, add muscle or revolutionise your appearance both myself and my team at Remote Strength are ready to get you there. The customised macronutrient and fully personalised training plans we provide are lifestyle focused and realistic, ensuring maximum results. Each plan is completely bespoke and made to order based upon your individual needs and circumstance. We educate and empower our clients, delivering a range of strategies that can be carefully deployed to cope with even the most challenging, diet and training derailing situations, like dinner with the board or frequent overseas travel. Obviously all training and nutrition plans that truly work will be challenging, however we believe in working with you, not against you.


  • Certified GP exercise referral specialist level 4
  • Nutrition for Weight Management and Common Clinical Conditions. Dip
  • Certified Advanced Fitness Professional level 3
  • Injury Prevention and Treatment level 3
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Pn1 Certified Nutrition Coach

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